YFiChannel-Let’s Connect is a company that provides infotainment through a dedicated NON-Internet based WiFi HotSpot allowing our sponsors and advertisers to reach a traveling captive audience.


Currently YFi is installed into a base where there are greater than 120,000 unique engagements and is growing every year. An expectation of reaching a captive audience of up to 6 million per year as YFi expands across North America.
Add your custom advertising rich digital media to our YFi to get additional results from your marketing campaign.

Commuters or passenger travelers have the option to connect to our YFiHotSpot which is located on coach lines, trains or waiting areas. Here they will be able to entertain themselves by watching select movies, check out tourist attractions, what local events are going on, where to shop and eat or just play a game. As well, there are a number of coupons and deals that our advertisers and sponsors are offering and are available for downloading to their personal device.


Today, there are an increasing number of mobile devices being sold.  New mobile devices with new technology are supplying greater bandwidths and speeds. Advertisers are recognizing that digital advertising over mobile devices must be an integral part of their strategies with video content surpassing their traditional print media advertising needs.

YFiChannel-Let’s Connect is able to provide advertisers with real results from captive audiences. Mobile advertising has a greater effectiveness compared to online advertising which is due to several factors:

  • People have a greater engagement with their mobile device and tend to be drawn into the environment the ads are served in.
  • People engaged with an activity on a mobile device are greater than over the same activity on their computer.
  • The environment or context the ad is displayed weighs in with a lack of clutter on the page, typically only one ad in sight at a time, and ad units that are proportionally larger to the screen.


YFi is an advanced multimedia advertising streaming service and infotainment medium strategically installed in places where there are commuters and travelers.


New digital advertising medium allowing you, the advertiser, to make the most out of the time spent by travelers to get your digital VIDEO AD message across.


Let’s Connect Broadcaster Leasing
Keep your service provider costs to a minimum by leasing our YFi Broadcaster which provides its own WiFi hotspot.

Video Advertising

Custom fit your ad content
Tailored information provides better customer relationship by strengthening brand recognition and establishing a basis for consumer product bonding – Essential in today’s marketplace.


Let’s Connect Area Licensing
Traveling passengers can select from different local areas to see what they have to offer plus take advantage of downloadable coupons or deals from our sponsors or advertisers.


YFiChannel-Let’s Connected is committed in delivering high quality multimedia content with little to no degradation over standard WiFi signals.

With technology ever changing, YFi is always researching and developing new ways to accomplish our goals and the demands of our clients.

Not only are we committed to supplying reliable equipment, our staff is equally committed to reliably serving our clients with the highest service possible.

Our team approach allows us to establish and maintain the most positive results for our clients.

“We are proud to work shoulder-to-shoulder with our clients, sharing our knowledge to deliver exceptional results with lasting impact.”
Darrell Cho
President, YFiChannel
“We are always improving our technology and designing new options for our clients.”
Chris Munz-Michielin
CTO, YFiChannel
``YFiChannel-Let’s Connect’s platform is more unique than that of other companies. There is no other place where you can go to get uninterruptable infotainment while traveling aboard coach lines. It’s important to us from an entertainment perspective to make sure that our clients and consumers have a great experience.``
Dennis Cho
COO, YFiChannel


Provide the best tool to deliver multimedia content quickly, reliably and efficiently over Wi-Fi connections to captive audiences.


To help travelers ease their travel time by providing infotainment through our broadcasters located in several places throughout the world’s transportation market.


Darrell Cho

Managing Director

Mr. Cho has over 20 years’ experience in operations of electronic distribution and marketing companies for the high-tech industry.  He serviced many design and manufacturing engineering departments by assisting engineers with the selection of hardware and software and development platforms available to them that would help in producing new and innovative products for their marketplace.  Familiar with a broad range of applications from logging, mining, advertising, telecommunications to security, Mr. Cho has the ability to custom fit new technology to these areas.  Furthermore, Mr. Cho brings experience in working with key decision makers and negotiating contracts that brings in large amounts of sales.

Dennis Cho

Director of Operations

Mr. Cho has over 20 years’ experience in operations and financing. He developed training programs and hiring standards for numerous companies, he continues to provide consultation and information seminars for the private sector. Mr. Cho’s vast experience includes quality project management, implementation of policies and procedures, operational support and customer training.