YFiChannel – Let’s Connect meets the expectations which passengers’ have from the digital age.

It provides a picture quality that effortlessly matches the technical capabilities of their personal electronic devices. This can be any WiFi enabled Window device, Mac, iPad, iPhone, Android tablet or smartphone.

YFiChannel – Let’s Connect uses an optimized load balancing to ensure that every passenger benefits from the highest quality streaming capabilities.

20/10/2015 --- Business man at laptop computer with smartphone in office with sunlight coming through window --- Image by © Andrew Brookes/Corbis

Mobile advertising and Rich Media

An ideal sales tool to reach a captive audience

  • Be where your customers are.
  • You don’t have to be everywhere, but efforts should be made to be where your audience spends time waiting or traveling.
  • Marketing needs to be where consumers are.
  • Consumers are conducting much of their work, play and personal lives on mobile devices, be it phones or tablets. There are over 5 billion active mobile subscriptions globally. Apple iPads have hit over 149 million units sold in North America in 2015 and still growing.
  • The problem today is that traditional ad networks are looking for ways to join the mobile growth and find ways to place focused ads. The main challenges of mobile advertising are lack of experience, the somewhat complex nature of how to execute campaigns and the uncertainty about ROI.
  • YFiChannel – Let’s Connect Multimedia Broadcaster has been created to take advantage of directing advertising and delivering rich media to consumers that have smart phones, tablets or laptops with WiFi capability.
  • The main advantage of the YFiChannel – Let’s Connect Multimedia Broadcaster is its non-Internet connected HotSpot.
  • YFiChannel – Let’s Connect Multimedia Broadcaster is hardware, software and service oriented product. It can be programmed to deliver specific information and rich media videos plus allow for interaction or non-interaction and collect statistics based on content.
  • The YFiChannel – Let’s Connect Multimedia Broadcaster is installed at locations that take advantage of where people congregate, wait, or travel for lengths of time.
  • Opportunities from a growing mobile audience with these digital devices include better targeting based on location and greater awareness by major advertisers.
  • YFiChannel – Let’s Connect Multimedia Broadcaster is a marketing medium and not a strategy.
  • It gets away from the fragmentation seen amongst operating systems, devices, application environments and mobile carriers thus allowing advertisers to focus on their marketing message and brand.
  • YFiChannel – Let’s Connect makes it a one-to-one conversation with the audience.

How it works:

YFiChannel – Let’s Connect sends out a WiFi signal for connection by smart devices.

A smart device connects to YFiChannel – Let’s Connect via user acceptance of the WiFi signal transmitted from the YFiChannel – Let’s Connect Multimedia Broadcaster.

Upon connection, the YFiChannel – Let’s Connect Multimedia Broadcaster sends out a user interface similar to a website (no APP required).

The website user interface allows for access to specific information internally programmed to deliver quality multimedia rich content.

Reliable Service

High Speed

Wide Adaptation